Dianne Feinstein, longest serving woman in the Senate, has died at 90

As mayor, Feinstein governed from the center — winning support from business groups, law enforcement unions and the city's more 

When law professor Anita Hill accused Thomas of sexual misconduct when they worked together, members of the Judiciary Committee, including Democratic Sen. Howell Heflin of Alabama, questioned Hill's integrity and motivation.

Report on torture by the CIA In 2014, over objections from the Obama administration, she took to the Senate floor to release a comprehensive report on torture by the CIA following the Sept. 11 attacks. "Releasing this report is an important step to restore our values and show the world that we are, in fact, a just and lawful society," Feinstein said. https://www.npr.org/2023/09/29/1125664267/dianne-feinstein-obituary